Non Verbal Communication Course

Positive Body Language (NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION) plays one of the most important roles in Communication skills. Being
an Interviewee, an Orator, a Trainer, in a Business dealings, an Actor even in Personal Relationships, NON VERBAL
COMMUNICATION plays a major role. 
In this course aspirants will learn the meanings of different Body Languages, which are faking and which are original. How one
dominates or extends friendliness with the help of Body Language.
In the 2nd part aspirants will learn how to use Body Language the Non Verbal Communication to read and how to Influence
people. How they can gain Courage and Confidence with a little change in their Body Language.

Course Module

At Mind Zone the Positive Body Language (Non Verbal Communication) course is Key points:

1. What is Body Language or Non Verbal Communication ? And its importance.
2. Communication zones.
3. Power of Hands, Eye Contact and Smile in communication.
4. Modern days Business communication ethics.
5. Tackling Negative situations through Non verbal Communication.
6. Impressive postures.
7. Communication with opposite gender.

Mr. Pradeep K Banerjee

(Forensic Handwriting Expert & Soft Skill Trainer)