Leadership Training Course

More than ever in the current economic climate, people are finding they need to work and manage smarter than ever before. The world has changed, and the methods that worked in the past are no longer necessarily suitable. To survive in this new business climate and to take advantage of the opportunities that will appear, organizations have had to massively improve the personal, management and leadership skills. We now offer a comprehensive range of Leadership and Personal Development courses, for all stages of your career, which can take you from where you are to where you want to be. All our courses are highly practical and interactive. Courses typically consist of short plenary sessions and demonstrations followed by group and individual exercises, role plays, ‘real-time’ coaching, feedback, games, self-reflection, and the application of the tools and techniques learned to real workplace issues. This teaching method maximizes relevant learning and enables effective transference back to the workplace.

At Mind Zone the programme is divided into easy to-use sections:

  • Personal Effectiveness Learn how to manage, motivate and organize yourself.
  • Interpersonal Skills equip you with the tools, techniques and the confidence to influence others.
  • Whether a first-time or an experienced manager or a new aspirant, learn the key skills you need to maximize your effectiveness.
  • Essential Business Acumen Discover the critical skills you need to understand to succeed in your career.
  • Positive Body Language Training (Behavioral Science) Public Speaking.

Mr. Pradeep K Banerjee

(Forensic Handwriting Expert & Soft Skill Trainer)