Graphology Online Version

Handwriting is considered as the direct projection of a person’s inner thoughts and feelings. Graphology can reveal traits like intelligence, confidence, leadership qualities, phobias and many more and our scientifically designed Graphology or handwriting analysis course is very effective in analyzing personality and behavior from a person’s handwriting. It is also of great utility in organizational processes like recruitment and career-planning. Our course is gaining acceptance and is increasingly used as an ideal technique for assessment of people in carrying out professional responsibilities, personal relation, crime, forgery, etc. We are noted for providing excellent training in Graphology to detect and interpret various mannerisms like temperament, honesty, clarity of thinking, mood swings, manias, vocational guidance, sexual drives etc.

Course Module

  • Module MNGR101
  • Module MNGR102
  • Module MNGR103
  • Module MNGR104
  • Module MNGR105
  • Module MNGR106

Special Courses Special Courses

  • Doodle Study MNGRSP107
  • Crime Study MNGRSP108

Mr. Pradeep K Banerjee

(Forensic Handwriting Expert & Soft Skill Trainer)